18 october 2015
GSD Show - Czchów 2015
Judge: J.Stigler(SV)
Super results of our dogs!
VV1 Uter vom Haus Tchorz
SG2 Kattinka vom Haus Tchorz
SG1 Farinna vom Haus Tchorz
V1 Diva vom Waldfurter Wald
SG1 CROCODIL-DUNDEE vom Wetterauer Land
V4 Hunter vom Haus Tchorz
Also on Koerung dogs make us proud.
Hunter,Diva and Dundee was make Koerungs in super style!

19 september 2015
XXXIV Club GSD Show Witaszyce, 19-20.09.2015
Club Winner ON: 1 - SG - KJUWEL vom Haus Tchorz

10 august 2014
LG2 Show in Treuenbrietzen
VV1 Hunter vom Haus Tchorz
VV2 Handy vom Haus Tchorz
SG1 Forza germania vom Haus Tchorz
SG1 Derrik vom Trompetersprung
SG3 Diva vom Waltfurter Wald

29 july 2014
Landesgruppen-Zuchtschau LG7 Espelkamp
V9/30 Warrinka vom Haus Tchorz (L. Schweikert)
WW2 Farrinna vom Haus Tchorz

27 july 2014
LG Show in Nossen Sachsen
VV1 Hunter vom Haus Tchorz (Lothar Quoll)
SG1 Falcor vom Haus Tchorz (Joachim Stiegler)

21 july 2014
LG Show in Beeskow
Hunter vom Haus Tchorz (VA Saabat vom Aurelius & Alpha vom Trompetersprung) on LG Show in Beeskow.

12 july 2014
Litter 'O' vom Haus Tchorz
Litter O (Esperanca vom Nordteich & Derrik vom Trompetersprung); in litter is 11 puppies: 8 females and 3 males.

26 may 2014
New young black long-haired male
To our kennel arrived new, young, long-haired male Crocodil-Dundee vom Wetterauer Land.

26 may 2014
Dog Show in Wrocław
Another win SG1 (judge: A. Woerner) of Diva vom Haus Tchorz and V1 Warrinka vom Haus Tchorz on German Shepherds Show in Wrocław.

04 march 2014
Dog Show in Zielona Góra
Derrik vom Trompetersprung - V1 CWC CACIB BOB - ZIELONA GÓRA 2014

28 january 2014
Question for Breakfast (Pytanie na Śniadanie)
German Shepherds from Polish kennel gaining fans around the world ;) Below the video of our participation.

13 january 2014
Babys fly to Mecixo
Two puppies fly to new super home in Mexico. We keep fingers for good arrive and happy family.

12 december 2013
HOSS vom Haus Tchorz
The best dog in Dominikana - HOSS vom Haus Tchorz. Congratulations for Miguel Cortiñas and his family!

23 october 2013
New foto of Warrinka
New foto of our princess - WARRINKA vom Haus Tchorz.

23 september 2013
Poland Club Sieger - Więcbork 2013
Successful debut! VV1 Diva vom Waltfurter Wald (Figo & Lyby)
SG1(18-24) Poland Siegerin 2013 Warrinka vom Haus Tchorz (Fritz & Dessa)
SG1 Poland Junior Sieger LSH Grisu vom Frankengold
SG8 Yasmine vom haus Tchorz (Fritz & Esperanca)
SG8 Yaboo vom Haus Tchorz
SG3 Xena vom Haus Tchorz (Congratulations!)
For everybody who supported us and helped - thank you very much! Without you, this success would not taste so much!

1 september 2013
Warrinka vom Haus Tchorz - SG11 BSZS 2013
Grisu vom Frankengold - SG4 BSZS 2013
SV-Bundessiegerzuchtschau 2013 - Kassel.

WARRINKA vom Haus Tchorz SG11 !

GRISU vom Frankengold SG4 !

10 august 2013
Warrinka vom Haus Tchorz - SG1/5
LG Jugendliche Hundefuhrer Show am 10.08.2013 in Friesiesche Wehde (LG 4). JKLH- SG 1/5 - Bernhard Erdmann.
SG1 Warrinka vom Haus Tchorz whit her super junge handler Laura Schmidtke

21 july 2013
Warrinka vom Haus Tchorz - SG1/22
Landesgrupenzuchtschau Rheiland-Pfalz (LG 10) 21.07.2013 in Heimbach-Weis. JKLH- SG 1/22 R.Mast (Judge from BSZS 2013)

14 july 2013
Warrinka vom Haus Tchorz - SG1/15
On show Landesgruppen Zuchtschau in Germany (Rochlitz) our WARRINKA took 1 place on 15 females in class. Judge: Thomas Teubert.

15 june 2013
Warrinka vom Haus Tchorz - SG1/7
OG-Zucht - und Nachwuchsschau (LG18) 15.06.2013 in Dresden-Pillnitz. JKLH- SG 1/7 A.Rudolph

3 june 2013
Planned litters.
In LITTERS selection are list of future planned litters in our kennel.

7 may 2013
German stud dog in Poland!
SG18 (BSZS 2012) IPO1 Kkl.1 Jim von der Sudheimer Linde.

Summary of 2010 - Exhibitions
Another year has passed... Another year of success, joy and failures but without them nothing would have the proper taste.
Time for a little summary, start with the successes of dogs from our kennel and in our hands, but also those entrusted to us.

The year 2010 began with several small exhibitions Głogów: V1 CWC Zibu Freiheit Westerholt, two in one (an interesting way to spend Valentine's Day): Zibu V1, V3, Fida vom Ania V2 i V1, CWC, BOB, and next day MWPR Rzeszów: V3 Zibu, V2 Fida.
And long hours of snow back home.

Next exhibition in the season; Katowice - and here beautiful debut of the young son of our Xion vom Nordteich - Franco vom Haus Tchorz VV1, Best Puppy, 4 pl.BIS puppy, Frida vom Haus Tchorz VV2.

Then we show season really begins. Beautiful performance on the show in Opole our Franco VV1 and exhibition debut Wanda von der Eberesche V1, CAC in a very strong group of females.

Another show, this time a specialist Skoki near Poznań and here Franco VV2, Angel vom Martinsturm V1.

Milicz and our organizational struggle there - exhibition and great passed Körung license trained our dogs. VV2 Danny vom Milewo, V2 Wanda, V5 Xion vom Nordteich (The best adult dog in section Wrocław)
Körung in beautiful style passed: Kkl.1 Lbz Johny Walker vom Haus Tchorz, Angel vom Martinsturm, and Kkl.1 Dina vom Haus Yu.
June and show in Kalisz 2010: Zibu V1 CAC, V2 Wanda - judge J.Hoffmann.

Legnica 2010, first show staying with us from mid-May Baron Texa, succes: Baron V1, CAC!

Summer months due to excellent weather abounded in training. In August, we went for the first and only exhibition: "before BSZS 2010", where debutant Baron got place SG5 in judge A. Rudolph.
September marked the World exhibition Norymberga 2010, where we have shown Baron Texa, which received place SG87, in class was more than 150 dogs! This result we consider to be very good (considering the preparation time)!!!

September is also the Club Show in Sulejów and here the huge success of our dogs. Show debut of 4 months old Heasel vom Haus Tchorz decisively wins in very big BABY class.
Our Yilia vom Steigerhof shown for the first time in Poland beautifully passed psychological tests and gets VA4 PL! Baron Texa gets in large class SG5. Showed by us and previously also involved in the training female Diana vom Finkenschlag, owned by Wiktor Kowalski (kennel Szenberg) in great style won junior class, gets title the most beautiful Young female in Club.

September is also an exhibition of the International Show in Wrocław 2010 and here big succes of Baron Texa 1 excl. CAC, CACIB, BOS.

Czchów 2010 – great end of the season: Baron Texa - SG1 in large group males class - judge J.Hoffmann. Yilia vom Steigerhof won working females class - V1, Haesel vom Haus Tchorz - VV3.

We hope that next year will be just as successful in terms of the exhibition as the previous one.