A few words about our training...
To our school for dogs welcome all dogs (purebred and not purebred) who have completed three months old. We guarantee expert advice and qualified teaching staff and a full range of information.

We conduct private and group lessons in the following areas:

  • dog puppy kindergarten for ages 3 - 6 months
  • general obedience and sports (PT 1, 2, 3)
  • training of defense and sports (IPO 1, 2, 3)
  • defense and guarding buildings for commercial purposes
  • comprehensive preparation for exhibitions, tests and körung
  • other activities (socialization, tracking)
  • according to individual arrangements (training stationary)

  • A few words about me - before we start training
    Dogs have always been my passion. When at age 16 I finally got my first own dog, a Great Dane female Luśka, started my adventure with the training, the first four years of paying assistants' in the branch of Warsaw, where in theory and in practice, I learned to understand the behavior of the dog, for driving in order to carry out our commands, and finally through appropriate orientation and training dogs to work with people so that they could understand their pets.

    My first female, although it was not a shepherd, gave me a lot, maybe even more opportunities and taught me a lot. The first joint training and exams will always remain in my memory. Then there were exams trainer that I passed positive in 2000. Although at this time I don't having any working dog, Itrained and competed in the contest participants with dogs and then the friends dogs. To all of them I remain very grateful for their help and support in difficult times.

    Starts and work with their dogs taught me a lot and this experience will pay off in the future, I'm sure. Especially a lot of work to put my education training Krystyna Grabińska - but she knows how much I appreciate her.

    Today I try to, that all our dogs have received at least basic training, for which I think Shepherd should have PT and IPO1, and possibly also higher levels of training. Since I have a working line female Joleen vom Baphomet and although it is not with me for a puppy, I'm going to start it since 2008, but what will be only time will tell.

    My training method is very simple.
  • First of all - patience
  • Second - systematic
  • Third - motivation
  • Fourth - the consistency in actions

  • Our training
    Our trainings are fundamentally different from other training groups. Well, my idea of ​​working dog and handler is not in any way possible to realize in a larger group. The maximum number of pairs (dog + Guide) for me four. In the larger group of non-existing is sufficient control on the part of the instructor, or appropriate for any organization work.

    Training of dog is based on cooperation and contact dog-guide, a trainer is the one who has only the duo properly manage. So with us on the square classes last as long as these duets have the desire and motivation to work. On average, classes last takes about an hour. In training of dogs is a crucial role for the proper preparation for classes guide his mobilization and willingness to work with the dog. If this vision of it is also close to you... Welcome.

    Aleksandra, october 2007